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Each year Essex County are required to submit to the ESMBA a list of their Top Eight county Players.  These players are not necessarily the top eight that are seeded in the county but the top  eight that are likely to complete 60% of all their group games which is a requirement under ESMBA 

Any player failing to complete 60% of their games Essex County are deducted points.


EssexAdamSultanaYes Yes Yes 75
 BarryHedgesYes Yes Yes 75
 PeterFautleyYes Yes Yes 75
 AnthonyFautleyYes No Yes 50
 SteveKillingtonYes Yes Yes 75
 DerekCoatesYes Yes Yes 75
 MaureenBinsteadYes Yes Yes 75
 ChrisCoatesYes Yes Yes 75

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