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East Hanningfield Charity Triples

After missing out last year due to a lack of convenient dates available East Hanningfields Charity Triples in aid of “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People made a comeback in 2015.

The eventual winners were the worthy Stonyhill 1 club who won every one of there games on the way to beating Woodlands in the final.

The day started with 20 teams split into 4 groups of 5 with each team playing each other in there respective groups over 8 ends.   

In Group A the qualifiers for the quarter finals were Seaxe with 6 pts followed by 3G with 4pts & a shot difference of +3 who just edged out 3 Degrees who finished with a +1 shot difference.  In group B Stonyhill 1 finished top with a maximum 8pts followed by Woodlands on 5pts, In Group C two teams both finished on 6pts with East Tilbury 1 edging out Outwood Common 1 for the top spot by 27 shots to 16 & the qualifiers from Group D were Outwood Common 2 & Burham with 7 & 6 pts respectively.

In the Quarter Finals Seaxe were leading Outwood Common 1 6-4 after six ends & picked up a 3 on the seventh end & eventually ran out 9-6 winners. Burham were leading Stonyhill  1 6-3 after 6 ends but dropped 4 shots over the last 2 ends to go down 6-7. East Tilbury ran out 18-4 winners against 3G & Woodlands beat Outwood Common 2 11-5.

Seaxe were drawn against Woodlands in the first semi – final and were leading 4-0 after 3 ends then lost 3 of the last 4 ends conceding 10 shots in the process, leaving Woodlands with a 10-6 win.

The other semi followed the same way with East Tilbury 1 leading against Stonyhill 1 6-0 after 3 ends but Stonyhill won 4 of the last 5 ends taking 10 shots to win 10-7.

In the Final Stonyhill 1 (Andrea Phillbrick, Jonathon East & Tony Ealham) took on Woodlands (Doreen Thomson, Peggy May & Nigel Reed). In a Close start to the game it was 4 -4 after 6 ends, Stonyhill took a single on the next end then a 3 to lead 8-4 with one end remaining & took a four on the last as Woodlands attacked the end in a desperate bid to get a four but all in vain to leave Stonyhill 1 the winners.

A big thank you goes to all the players in helping to raise £520 for such a good cause & also thanks for Debbie & Paul Cairns in the kitchen who also made a Spaghetti Bolognese lunch for everyone.  

Report By Steve Killington





This year’s annual Margaret Cairns Triples was contested by 20 teams with the action starting at 8.30am, after the majority of the player’s had breakfast of Bacon rolls.

 The order of play for the day was four groups of five teams each, with each team playing each other in there respective groups over either 8 end or 35 minutes, whichever came first with the top two teams going through to the quarter finals.

The Three Degrees started of with a 10-3 win & there were also wins for O.C.B.C 1 & Island 1 with Friends of Essex 2 & Stonyhill 1 drawing 8 each.

In the next round of games each game was close with only a couple of shots difference on each mat. But that was to change in the next round of games as EH Horseshoes won 12-2 & 3G 15-1.

After everyone had been fed by the kitchen staff with a Ploughman’s lunch it was back to the bowling, after everyone had played there four round robin games the qualifiers for the quarter finals were as follows:

Top two in group A: EH Horseshoes & EH Windmills both with 6pts, Group B: Island1 & Woodlands both with 6pts, Group C: 3G with 7pts & Stonyhill 2 with 5pts. Group D Stonyhill 1 on 7pts & Hollingbourne with 4pts.

In the Quarter finals Stonyhill 2 raced into a 6-2 lead against EH Horseshoes but dropped 5 shots on the last three ends to go down 6 -7, Hollingbourne beat Island 1 7-5 in a close encounter, 3G lead all the way against EH Windmills to go through 9 -3 & in the last quarter final Stonyhill 1 beat Woodlands in a very tight game 4 – 3.

The two semi finals were both one sided affairs with Stonyhill 1 beating EH Horseshoes 14 -2 & taking a 5 on the 3rd end, In the other semi Hollingbourne beat 3G 17-8 despite dropping a 6 on one end.

So the final was between Stonyhill 1 ( Andrea Phillbrick, Pat Goodchild & Tony Ealham ) against Hollingbourne (Tony Channer, Shiela Wicks & Tony Drew). With Stonyhill winning by 12 shots to six.

A well deserved victory for the winners who did not lose a game all day.

A big thank you goes to Tony Ealham & Tony Hayes who did the umpiring for the day when they were not playing & all the kitchen staff (Lesley Fautley, Debbie Cairns & Peter Fautley).

There was also during the day a minutes silence in memory of Rita Blackhall who had recently passed away & was a regular participant in East Hanningfields competitions. 





Fifteen teams contested the second Eileen Killington Open Fours on Easter Sunday at East Hanningfield Village Hall.
The competition was played over a round robin format of three groups of five with the winners & runner ups going through to the quarter finals along with the best two 3rd place teams, with all games played over seven ends.
After the round robin games were played the qualifiers were Sanguine 1 & Outwood Common 2 from group A, East Tilbury & Island from group B with East Hanningfield & Stonyhill from Group C followed by the best 3rd place teams 3G & Sanguine 2.
In the Quarter Finals Sanguine 1 beat 3G 10-3, East Hanningfield just edged out Island by 5 shots to 3, East Tilbury were to strong for Sanguine 2 winning by 9 shots to 2 & Stonyhill beat Outwood Common 5-2. In the Semi Finals East Hanningfield beat Sanguine 1 12 – 5 while in the other semi final East Tilbury were 4-0 up after two ends but never won another end as Stonyhill came back to win 6 – 4 over the seven ends.
In the Final the Stonyhill team of Rita & Stewart Blackhall along with Jonathon East & Tony Ealham were playing in the final for the second year running after finishing runner ups the previous year. Up against them were a strong team from East Hanningfield of Paul Bax, Tony Orpin, Steve Killington & Craig Burgess.
The final played over eight ends started well for the home side with a 1, 1 & 3 to lead 5-0 after three ends, on the fourth end East Hanningfield were holding six when the stonyhill skip Tony Ealham played a weighted wood and scattered all the woods while his one stayed given Stonyhill the shot. East Hanningfiled then took a 3 on the fifth to lead 8 -1 with 3 ends to play. On the sixth end Stonyhill were holding 3 which the East Hanningfield skip Craig Burgess was unable to cut down & Tony drew another one in for a count of four. Hanningfield then took a single on the seventh end and leading 9- 5 with one end remaining.
On the final end Tony had a chance of getting a four which would have taken the final to an extra end but he had to take two Hanningfield woods out of the end while he stayed with his own, unfortunately he only managed to take one out to claim 2 shots, so East Hanningfield won by 9 shots to 7.
Big thanks goes to everybody who helped out to make the day a success, especially Debbie & Paul Cairns in the kitchen who served up home made Cottage Pie & Peggy May for her homemade Cakes.

Report by Steve Killington


Eighteen teams entered this year’s Margaret Cairns Triples in memory of a lovely lady who represented East Hanningfield as a player & helpful fund raiser for the club & the clubs chosen charity.

The format for the day was 18 teams as mentioned with everyone playing five games of eight ends.

The day started off with Margaret’s husband Paul who is  the clubs Chairman thanking  the players for attending & wishing everyone a good days bowling.

The competition started well for Barnet Wood, O.C.B.C 2, O.C.B.C 1 & Stonyhill 2 who all won there first two games, after the third session there were three teams Barnet Wood, O.C.B.C 2 & O.C.B.C 1 out in front on maximum of six points each.

After the fourth round of games which included O.C.B.C 2 beating there other team (O.C.B.C 1) by 11 shots to 2 & Barnet Wood winning against Sanguine 2 10-4, these were the only teams on maximum points but O.C.B.C 2 were out in front with a shot difference of plus 30 against Barnet Wood plus 15 shots.

In addition to the leaders chasing the Memorial Rose Bowl there were also a prize up for grabs for the team that finished last which everyone was trying to avoid for obvious reasons. After round four there were five teams in with a chance but most eyes were on  the Nomads, West Hanningfield & East Tilbury 1 who were all waiting to get there first points of the day.

In their final games of the day East Tilbury drew with Sanguine2  8-8, Nomads beat Burham 6-4 & West Hanningfield lost to Willows Park 12 -5 to take the unwanted prize, but  took the prize in very good spirit.

Going into the last round were the leaders with Barnet Wood losing there first game of the day to EH Horseshoes 12-3 & O.C.B.C 2 beating Stonyhill 1 10-6 to take the Rose Bowl.

The Runner – ups were 3G (John, Greg & Rob Wade) who came with a storming finish winning there last four games after losing there opener. But the winners after being unbeaten all day were O.C.B.C 2 (Linda Willingham, Sam & Linda Lambert).

Congratulations to O.C.B.C

A big thank you goes to all the kitchen staff for a great ploughman’s lunch & Peggy May for her cakes & bread pudding.



Twenty teams arrived for the Jenny Orpin Memorial Trophy which turned out to be a very enjoyable & long day.

The format for the day which started at 8.30am was four groups of five teams with each team playing each other in their respective groups over seven ends with the top two teams in each group going through to the quarter finals. 

After two games the leaders in each group were Outwood Common 1 & Hadleigh Woods both with 4pts in Group A. Group ‘B’ Stonyhill 2, Group ‘C’ a five way tie with each team winning & losing a game & Group ‘D’ 3G.

By the time every team had played their four round robin games Group ‘A’ was won by Outwood Common 1 with a maximum 8pts with Hadleigh Woods the r/ups with 6pts.

Group ‘B’ was won by Stonyhill 2 with 6pts & plus 14 shots with Stonyhill 1 2nd with 6pts & plus 1 shot.

Group ‘C’ was won by the hosts East Hanningfield with 6pts & plus 14 shots with Island 1 r/ups also with 6pts but shots of 8.

Group ‘D’ was won by 3G with 6pts with West Hanningfield  securing their place on shots with a last gasp win of 12 – 2.

In the Quarter Finals Outwood Common 1 raced into a 6-0 lead after 3 ends & went on to beat Island 1 by 10 shots to 4.

West Hanningfield beat Stonyhill 2 in a very close game by 6 shots to 5.

In the third Quarter final East Hanningfield were 5-0 up after 3 ends & never looked back as they beat Hadleigh Woods by 8 shots to 4.

Stonyhill 1 made it into the semi finals with a hard fought game against 3G by 5 shots to 3. 

In the first semi final it was an all Hanningfield tie with the East running away with the game by beating West Hanningfield by 13 shots to 1, while in the second semi Stonyhill 1 only won one end as they went down to Outwood Common by 8 shots to 3.

What a fantastic final, it's what a final should be with a very close game that went back & forth to leave the scores at 6 -6 with the last end to play.

The Outwood Common team of Linda & Keith Willingham, Lynn & Sam Lambert were up against the East Hanningfield team of Tony Orpin, Rachel Cordy, Paul Bax & Craig Burgess.

In the end a superb trailing shot by Rachel took the jack into the ditch which eventually won the end & match. 

It was very fitting that Jenny’s husband Tony was in the winning team.

A big thanks goes to all the kitchen staff who produced a wonderful Roast Beef dinner for all the players.

After the Group Stages  East Hanningfield made presentation to Peter Fautleys wife,  Lesley to show our clubs appreciation for her continued support in helping out buying and preparing  meals and assisting in the kitchen on competition days.

East Hanningfield would also like to show its appreciation by thanking the players for their continued support over the years, particularly Peggy May who regularly attends and make fabulous cakes for the club.  


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