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Essex Championship Results 

Congratulations to those winners and Runners up in the Essex Championship triples, Fours, and Mixed Fours

Essex Championships Triples Winners

Adam Sultana, Barry Hedges, Mat Sifford

Runners Up

Rachel Cordy, Paul Bax, Paul Cairns,

Semi Finalist 

3rd - Anthony Fautley, Steve killington, Peter Fautley

4th - Emiley Poulter, Paul Reed, Josie Robinson


Essex Championships Fours Winners

Anthony Fautley, Demonic Reed, Mat Sifford, Nigel Reed

Runners Up

Barry Hedges, Adam Sultana, Steve killington, Peter Fautley

Semi Finalist

3rd - Tony Ealham, Mark Chittock, Dave Chittock, AndreaPhillbrick

4th -Craig Burgess, Mitchell Young, Chis Coates, Derek Coates 


Essex Championships Mixed Fours Winners

Mitchell Young, Brian Daley, Brenda Daley and Sadie Young

Runners Up

Tony Ealham, Rob Wade, Pauline Child, Eileen Smith-Allen

Semi Finalist
3rd - Nigel Reed, Jean Herson, Derek Coates, Babs Morokutti

4th - John Wade, Greg Wade, Peggy May, Joan Wade

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