Essex/National Championships 2016-17 season

There are a occasions when bowlers that want to enter the Essex Championships/National Qualifiers are unable to because they are short on players - The Competition Committee are helping to resolve this problem by introducing an enquiry form.


How does it work

Players complete the enquiry form by filling in the details of what competition you wish to enter and the number of players you are looking for - for instance, You have three players that you want to enter in the Essex/National Championship fours but are one player short. If the team that is short needs an extra player or players you should enter your club name, contact name and contact number, in the form below, You should then select the event you want to play in and then select the number players you are short.   You should then submit form which will be directed to the competition secretary.  (this will enable  competition secretary to compile a list of teams/people are looking for. The competition secretary will then get back to that team with contact details of  players that are available.. 

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After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button.
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